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A healthy lifestyle is a powerful force. Consistent healthy habits can help overcome a genetic vulnerability to a disease and even correct for past poor decisions. It’s never too late to change your life. 

Most wellness programs focus one aspect of lifestyle, mainly weight management. While nutrition is extremely important, it’s just one aspect of lifelong health. 

In Dr. Martin’s LifeLong Lifestyle Health program, he focuses on these four key elements that work together to form a complete healthy lifestyle: Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep and Stress.

Guided by Dr. Martin’s 20+ years of medical weight loss and primary care experience, we customize a plan designed just for you based on your body type, health conditions and wellness goals. 

LifeLong Lifestyle is not a quick fix but a lifestyle adjustment for long-term benefits. In addition to managing the physical aspects of weight management, LifeLong Lifestyle addresses the social and emotional barriers that hinder weight loss success and maintaining overall health. If you aren’t sleeping well, you may feel tired and avoid exercise. If you’re stressed and anxious, you may struggle to make healthy food choices. 

The program includes: 

  • Monthly coaching and progress tracking
  • Action steps for each month
  • Nutrition plans and supplements
  • Exercise plans and ways to integrate movement into daily living
  • Resources (worksheets, journals, restaurant guides, recipes, and more)
  • Customization to your specific issues and personal goals.

Together, we partner with clients to address the whole picture, addressing all the factors that make a healthy lifestyle doable and sustainable. And it’s more affordable than you might think.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone needing support and guidance in the areas of nutrition, fitness, sleep or stress can find success with LifeLong Lifestyle Health. 

Is this you? 

  • You have a chronic health condition and want to take less medication and/or improve your numbers (hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, etc.).
  • You’re looking for an affordable medical weight loss program with the help of a doctor.
  • You want a healthy, long-term approach to losing weight and keeping it off.
  • You need regular expert support to keep you on track to meet your goals.
  • You’ve tried numerous weight loss methods without success but are ready to try again with something new.
  • You want to lose 5-10 pounds or want to lose 100 pounds. This approach works no matter how large or small the goal.
  • You’ve tried everything—counting calories, exercise regimens, supplements, special food. But you still don’t have the results you want at a price you can afford.
  • You’ve experienced a major life change and want to avoid turning to unhealthy habits to cope.
  • You’re struggling with fatigue and don’t want to be dependent on sleep aids. 
  • You’re looking for natural ways to deal with stress and anxiety or the depression that comes from not feeling or looking the way you want. 
  • You are wanting to get ahead of any future health issues (due to family history).
  • You simply want to feel better and look better.  


Next Steps

Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and start your LifeLong Lifestyle. You can also text ”LifeLong” to 325-268-0650 to schedule your consultation.

At your first appointment we will get to know you as a person before designing your lifestyle plan. We will ask about your personal health history, daily lifestyle and eating habits, sleep quality and stress level. Our team will also work with your insurance plan to determine coverage or design an affordable payment plan. 

Still not sure? See what past and current clients have to say about their results.