LifeLong Services

Get a Head Start on Lifelong Health

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” But what does true prevention look like?

Lifestyle choices, such as nutrition and exercise, play a key role in long-term health and quality of life. Getting an annual physical or getting mammograms and colonoscopies at the appropriate ages are also very important health practices.

Are they enough?

Through Dr. Tim Martin’s LifeLong Services, you have access to lifestyle management expertise and advanced screenings that catch problems early. Unlike other providers, we offer the full spectrum of service from diagnosis to therapeutic treatment to an action plan for ongoing success.

Many of these services are covered by insurance. For services that aren’t covered by your insurance carrier or coverage level, we offer affordable, competitive self-pay rates and payment plans.

Contact our team to learn more about LifeLong prevention services and payment options.