Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Reaching out and Supporting

For survivors and those fighting breast cancer, a pink ribbon is more than just a ribbon. Breast cancer impacts almost 250,000 women and about 2,100 men every year (1). If you or someone you know has struggled or is struggling with breast cancer, you know the impact it has on your life and those around you. In this post, we will take the time to acknowledge and stand with the many men and women who have battled and continued to battle against breast cancer, provide some crucial information about how to detect breast cancer early on to help keep you healthy, and how you can become involved in standing with those fighting against breast cancer for Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October and beyond.

Standing with Those Who Fight

To all the men and women who have or are still battling breast cancer: we stand with you. We offer our support and want you to know you are not alone in your struggle. Getting to remission is a hard road, but it is always a road worth fighting to stay on. Your strength astounds us and we want you to know how far you have come. If you are in need of finding community and support for your journey, here are some communities ready to love and support you:

Attend a Retreat:

Join a Support Group:

Catching Breast Cancer Early

The earlier you catch cancer, the sooner you can get treated. Some early warning signs of breast cancer can include (2):

  • A new lump near the breast or in the armpit
  • Unexplainable thickening or swelling in a breast
  • Irritated or dimpled breast skin
  • Red or flaky nipple skin
  • Pulling in of nipple
  • Pain in nipple area
  • Nipple discharge other than breast milk, can include blood
  • Unexplainable change in the size or shape of the breast
  • Unexplainable pain in any area of the breast

However, not all breast lumps can be due to cancer. Some lumps can be noncancerous that make the breast feel sore, tender, and/or bumpy -called fibrocystic condition– or can be small fluid-filled sacs called cysts (2). That is why it is crucial to seek a medical professional’s advice on any new changes to your breasts so they can advise you how to move forward with these changes and help you create a treatment plan if needed.

Spreading Awareness

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here are some ways you can make a difference and spread awareness for the fight against breast cancer (3, 4, & 5):

  • Donate financially to help women get access to:
    • Education
    • Breast cancer screenings
    • Support resources
  • Start a fundraiser
  • Partner your company with a breast cancer awareness organization(s)
  • Volunteer with a breast cancer awareness organization
  • Spread awareness on social media using #MoreThanBCAM

How We Can Help

If you have any questions about your struggle with breast cancer or need a professional opinion about any symptoms, please reach out to us by

Visit us: Dr. Tim Martin, MD at 2110 N Willis St # B, Abilene, TX 79603

Calling us: 325-232-8675

Texting us: 325-268-0650



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