Dr. Martin’s Tips for LifeLong Health: Keeping Resolutions

Dr. Tim Martin shares his perspective on keeping resolutions from his years of experience as a primary care physician and wellness champion.

Tricks to Make Them Stick: Resolutions that Last All Year

When the new wears off of 2022, will you still be sticking to your resolutions?
Most people abandon their goals by the end of January. An oft-cited study found that 77% percent of the participants maintained their resolutions for one week but only 19% kept at it for 2 years.
Knowing this goal drop-off zone is coming soon, here are some tips to help you prepare for the natural tendency to ditch and also to boost your motivation to persevere.

Get Real: Starting with realistic goals that give you real benefits set you up for success.

-Set goals that are achievable.
-Avoid goals like “I won’t eat chocolate all year.”
-Set goals that align with your overall purpose and vision for your life. Be clear on the “Why” behind your goals.
-Don’t set a goal to write a book if you don’t want to be a writer or don’t like to write. Do plan to read more books if you want to gain knowledge in a certain field for your personal or professional development.
-Find a formula that works for you.
-Create SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) to help you get very clear on what you want to accomplish.
-Create new patterns with Charles Duhigg’s approach in “The Power of Habit.”

1. Identify what needs to change. ( Example: No more bedtime snacks)
2.What’s the cue that you are about to engage in the behavior? (Putting on PJs)
3.What’s your routine go-to activity when this cue occurs? (Eat granola bar or cookie.)
4.What is the reward? (Cookies taste good and satisfy hunger.)
5.Identify ways to change the routine behavior. (When putting on PJs, drink herbal tea instead of eating a cookie.)

Know Thyself: Expect some occasional mistakes and roadblocks and be honest with yourself.

-Identify your weak moments and triggers and ways to combat them.
-Does your willpower disappear when the alarm goes off or is it when you finish your workday? During the week or on the weekends?
-Do certain people or places make you want to throw in the towel?
-Don’t beat yourself up when setbacks occur. Memorize some inspirational quotes or practice breathing exercises that will help you shake it off and press on!
-Plan meaningful rewards to celebrate milestones. (A trip? New shoes?)
-Safety in Numbers: Find a friend with similar goals and work at them together.
-Plan weekly check-in texts or calls. Even if your progress is stalling, you can encourage each other and get back in the saddle.
-Find social media groups our Meetup groups with people who share your aspirations. You’ll get a boost from the validation and probably learn some hacks on how to accelerate your success.

Bring in the Professionals: Working toward goals is challenging, and a year is a long time. Invest in expertise to help you stay on track all 12 months…or for a lifetime.
-Check out technology and tools that will support your efforts. See chart below.
-Text our office at 325-268-0650 and see how the LifeLong program will help you achieve and maintain healthy habits in 2022 and beyond. Encompassing various dimensions of health, lifestyle and mentoring, we’d love to partner with you in reaching your goals

After the last two challenging years, this January offers us all a fresh start and a great jumping off point to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Tools for Staying On Track
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