How is truSculpt different from cool sculpting?

  1. Sculpting with cold temperatures freezes the skin and sub-cutaneous fat. truSculpt uses harmless radiofrequency waves to gently warm the sub-cutaneous fat until fat cell damage occurs.
  2. truSculpt is helpful for a wider range of body types. Thinner people with stubborn fatty deposits and people who are over all larger can both benefit from truSculpting, as well as everyone in between.
  3. trusculpt provides benefits for the skin, cool body sculpting is skin neutral. truSculpt helps reduce cellulite and overall improves the skin tone in the area treated.
  4. truSculpt results in minimal discomfort and the intensity can be adjusted to reduce any pain one might experience. Body sculpting using cool temperatures can be significantly painful.
  5. truSculpt treatment is a shorter duration. You can accomplish the better results with truSculpt in 15 minutes.  It takes at least 35 minutes for cool sculpting.
  6. truSculpt results in up to 24% loss of body fat in the area treated.

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