Let Your Skin Show

Let’s face it. There are parts of our skin we show everybody.

Get it? FACE it?!

(This is where my kid’s groan…another dad joke!)

Seriously! The number one area of skin that shows all the time and to everyone in our face. Other common areas we show all the time are our hands, upper chest at the collar, forearms and for some of us, the back of our neck.

Sometimes we pay more attention to what’s on our feet than to what’s on our face. Or we choose concealing products and makeup to hide what everyone within 3 feet knows is there anyway.

Men and women each need to consider what the skin they show can say about their attention to detail or their comfort level in their own skin.

I’m not necessarily suggesting getting rid of distinguishing features, or details of character. I have had a cheek mole for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager, I felt like it grew to conquer the entire right side of my face. Now, I never even notice it, even when it’s not hidden by my beard.

We choose the paint for our rooms, the covering for our floors, the cloth for our furniture and even the skin for our electronic devices.

Your skin is your first item of clothing. Choose well!

I like to divide the skin up into a couple of different areas for you to consider. These can have some variation person to person, so decide for yourself which parts of your skin belong in these areas.

Public Skin: these are the areas you are comfortable letting almost anybody see almost any time. See the first part of this article.

Play Skin: these parts of our skin come out when we are playing, exercising, relaxing, and partying. The variation here can range from tank tops and shorts to beachwear, and many levels in between.

Private Skin: This is the skin just for you and what you choose to reveal to your intimate partner. The most important consideration is how do YOU like to look at yourself.

Some skin features we want to change we are born with. Some are naturally acquired according to our skin type and the activities we choose. Others occur as a result of illness, disease, accident or misfortune. Still, others are a part of the natural aging process and our habits of expression. It is important to be open with yourself about your skin and what you want it to express about yourself.

Here are several ways the Total Wellness Spa can help you improve the appearance of your skin:

Care of your skin
All consultations and treatments by our licensed esthetician will involve some conversation about skin care. We work with all skin types and ages of skin. Our recommendations will involve cleaning, protecting and enhancing your skin’s natural strong points, using products that are as natural and chemical-free as possible.

Examples: cleansers, moisturizers, conditioners, sunscreen, self-tanning, facials, etc.

Minimizing blemishes

We don’t say remove, we say minimize. Most of the time, all you need is less of something.

Frequently removal involves the potential for

scaring, or leaving a darker or lighter spot in place of the blemish – merely creating another blemish. To the best of our ability, we will counsel you on what you may be able to expect.

Examples: unwanted hair, varicose veins, warts, skin tags, hemangiomas, wrinkles, sagging skin, acne scars, active acne, dark spots, freckles, scaly spots, rosacea, blackheads, deep pits, cellulite, scars, unwanted fat, and many others.

Improving your best features
You have strong points and many excellent qualities about your skin. It is better to enhance what is already working for you than to try to permanently erase or alter a particular aspect of your features.

Examples: eyebrows, eyelashes, cheek contours, forehead, facial rejuvenation, skin tightening, skin flexibility, softness, and toning.

For every way you want to improve and enhance all aspects and areas of your skin, come to see us at Total Wellness Spa!

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