Skin Hacks for Guys

You mow your lawn, paint your house and detail your car, right?

Why do you do so much to improve the look of your stuff and ignore yourself!? You’re not vain; you just need to take care of a couple of details.

(Ladies, don’t read this! Unless your guy needs a couple of these skin hacks!)

Getting treatment for most of what you need is quick, inexpensive and there is almost no downtime. No one even needs to know!

Hair Removal

Guys are supposed to have hair, it’s a distinguishing characteristic! But do you really need that unibrow? Shag carpet went out with the 70’s, and so should that rug on your back. Or maybe you’d like some of your personal areas to feel as smooth as you enjoy your face, like the lower back and that thin line on your belly. Wherever you have hair you don’t want it, we can help you get rid of it. Wanting a tattoo? Get rid of the hair so you can really show it off. A few treatments of light therapy (IPL) is quick and painless. We can help you be as smooth as you want to be!

Varicose Veins

All humans get a visible vein or two somewhere on their skin. These can start during puberty, or begin to collect over the years as we age. It’s easier and less expensive to get rid of these roadmaps than it is to get chiseled legs. And when they show up on your face, nothing is effective at hiding them. Our precision laser can erase these in seconds

Acne Scars

When those annoying, embarrassing red spots finally go away, they often leave a few or a bumper crop of permanent pits and scars. Microneedling with radiofrequency will significantly fade these scars and fill in those pits. Show everyone that you have what it takes to deal with the hand you’re dealt and fade those scars.

Love Handles

You work on your physique with exercise, crunches and better eating habits. But that doesn’t always eliminate all the rounded areas. We all get those stubborn areas that are still fluffier than we want them to be. A couple of TruSculpt sessions, using warm, fat melting radiofrequency technology will shrink and reduce all types of fat lying under our skin. You can get back into those jeans and wear those athletic fit shirts again!

Red Spots and Dark Spots

Sun damage, accumulated from years of an active life outdoors, can leave your skin with dark and red spots. Light therapy and laser therapy can fade these for you. So many areas of your skin are on display for everyone to see: face, neck, chest, hands, and arms. The treatment is painless and you are in and out – and they’re gone.


You don’t need a facelift! You just want some attention to a few places. Botox and laser skin rejuvenation can take years off the appearance of your face and neck. No one wants to look like a kid again, but turning back the clock a bit can leave them guessing your age and knowing you pay attention to details.

Nail Fungus

Yes! Nail fungus treatment over in minutes! Hands and feet, we can use light therapy and laser to treat ugly, deforming fungus. Who has months to take medicine or treat your nails every day? Get rid of the fungus!

Get it Done!

It’s quick, easy and fits your budget. We’ll get you in and out!

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